Affordable pots and pans

A lot of chefs cook with copper because this material offers the best heat conduction. However, because of the use of copper these pots and pans are more expensive than stainless steel ones.

Our notion: the best and most beautiful pots and pans for an affordable price.

Why the name DUCQ?

DUCQ refers to the last name of many Dutch pioneers during the VOC (the United East Indies Company). Ships filled with precious spices such as cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg. At that time, these products enriched the traditional Dutch kitchen. With DUCQ pans you can now bring that same richness into your home (and into your kitchen).

Lifetime warranty

DUCQ warrants that all products are free from material and manufacturing defects – they therefore come with a lifetime warranty.

How do we do that?

By producing our pots and pans ourselves and sending them directly from the factory to your home address. You can easily order your pots and pans online. No shops, so no unnecessary costs. Simply instantly enjoy your copper pots and pans. And if you order these beautiful copper pots and pans in the Netherlands or Belgium? That means your pots and pans are shipped without charge.

Order your DUCQ pans online

Customer service

Personal advice

Our copper pots and pans are not standard pots and pans so perhaps you’d like some personal advice. Our team is happy to help you make the right choice. Not only do we know our product best, but we are cooking enthusiasts just like you.

Lifetime warranty

We deliver pots and pans of the highest quality. DUCQ guarantees that all products are free from material and manufacturing defects. Should you, however, experience problems with a DUCQ pot or pan please let us know and we’ll solve them for you.

Attention to customers

Of course, high-quality products come with high level service. On this website you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about DUCQ pans, but should you want to speak to us personally don’t hesitate to call us.

Should you change your mind

It’s possible to change your mind after your purchase. Maybe you should’ve gone for the larger set or maybe the smaller one after all? We accept returns, provided you initiate the right of withdrawel within 14 days after receiving your order.