Copper pots and pans fit for induction. It doesn’t just sound good, it really is good. Cooking with DUCQ’s copper pots and pans makes cooking more of a joy and your kitchen more beautiful. The pots and pans are made from a perfect quality of red copper fitted with a stainless steel interior and specially developed for induction. You can of course use them on gas and all other heat sources as well.

DUCQ believes that cooking and good food is about more than preparing your daily meals. This requires attention, dedication and the correct cookware.



The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But to win someone’s heart with your cooking skills, you need to have the right cookware. We at DUCQ know that better than anyone. The DUCQ team has been selling pots and pans an cookware for years. Our longstanding knowledge and experience has enabled us to come up with pots and pans which have the best characteristics of various pans together. This has resulted in stylish copper pots and pans for anyone who loves cooking and delicious food.

DUCQ loves quality and sustainability. This is why we have designed sustainable copper pots and pans which are suitable for all heat sources, including induction. A copper pots and pan line which is affordable to boot. The pots and pans do not only have an extremely long life, they are so beautiful that you will gladly put them on the table when you are done cooking or frying.


DUCQ pots and pans do not only have an attractive design but are of excellent quality as well. The pots and pans consist of 3 layers: copper on the exterior, stainless steel on the inside and an aluminium interlayer. This results in pots and pans with a tangible quality (shell thickness 2.5 mm) and with an excellent heat division appreciated by everyone who has a passion for cooking. The handles have been fastened to the pots and pans by using nails and are therefore not welded as is presently done. This ensures a maximum life span. Furthermore, all pots and pans are fitted with a folded edge which fully covers the aluminium core. This way the food will never get in touch with aluminium and it also prevents the edge from becoming damaged.

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Our copper pots and pans are not standard pots and pans so perhaps you’d like some personal advice. Our team is happy to help you make the right choice. Not only do we know our product best, but we are cooking enthusiasts just like you.

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We deliver pots and pans of the highest quality. DUCQ guarantees that all products are free from material and manufacturing defects. Should you, however, experience problems with a DUCQ pot or pan please let us know and we’ll solve them for you.

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Of course, high-quality products come with high level service. On this website you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about DUCQ pans, but should you want to speak to us personally don’t hesitate to call us.

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It’s possible to change your mind after your purchase. Maybe you should’ve gone for the larger set or maybe the smaller one after all? We accept returns, provided you initiate the right of withdrawel within 14 days after receiving your order.